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Information Security in Projects and Programmes

The management and control of information security within the delivery of projects and programmes is key to being 'secure by design' managing and reducing your information security risk.  


If requirements are missed at the start of delivering changes, there are risks associated with incremental costs at a later date, delays to projects and or the risk of contractual and regulatory breaches.

CISO365 work closely with project and programme stakeholders to agree and embed a secure development methodology on how the relevant information security requirements that should be considered throughout the lifecycle of any project or programme. 


The level of involvement from the information security function and the information security requirements at each stage will differ dependent on the criticality of the programme / project. This criticality is derived from a projects and programmes secure development methodology at the start and is determined by the nature of the data and the type of change. 

Projects and programmes are supported with information security advice from project conception to service decommission. Ensuring all new information based services are ‘secure by design’, secure throughout their life and securely decommissioned at end of life.

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