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5 Benefits of ISO27001 certification to your business.

ISO 27001 is the standard for Information Security Management. Adopted by thousands of organisations across the world its implementation puts in place a systematic approach to managing sensitive organisational information, ensuring it remains both secure and available. It is a broad standard covering process, personnel, physical and technical security.

ISO 27001 is relevant to all businesses, whether a large telecommunications provider or an SME providing a discrete service. The framework and processes deployed can be tuned and scaled to reflect different business needs.

There are a number of clear business benefits in adopting ISO27001 either as best practice or formally certifying against it.

Benefit 1 - It Improves Enterprise Security

Weather the organisation using ISO27001 decides to go for full certification or not, ISO27001 brings with it a systematic examination of the organisation’s information security risks, taking account of the threats, vulnerabilities and impacts that are unique to that organisation.

It provides a framework for the selection and implementation of a coherent suite of information security controls and/or other forms of risk treatment to address those risks that are deemed unacceptable to that individual organisation.

It also brings with it a continual improvement ethos to ensure that the risk treatments continue to meet the organisation’s individual information security needs on an on-going basis.

Benefit 2 - It’s an Independent, Unbiased Measurement of the Actual Information Security State

One of the major drivers that we see at CISO365 is that organisation go for ISO27001 certification is that it provides an internationally recognised, externally assured, quality mark for information security management. ISO27001 is the industry yard stick that most information security management activity is measured against.

External assurance is provided to both the customer and the organisation’s management on the actual state of the organisations information security management system. That is, external qualified ISO27001 auditors impartially review and assess the organisations information security practices, policy procedure and their operation against the standard.

This provides a clear, unbiased, scientific view of the actual state of the present information security practices.

Benefit 3 - It Increases Customer Confidence

ISO27001 certification give’s service consumers and customers an easily recognisable security hallmark. Using the ISO27001 logo on company literature is a continual reminder to potential and existing customers that shows commitment to information security at all levels through the organisation. The certification demonstrates creditability and trust.

Benefit 4 - It Reduces Customer and Supply Chain Audit

ISO27001 certification reduces third party scrutiny of your information security management by customers and the wider supply chain. It provides assurance to customers that their information is appropriately protected and as such reduced the need to undertaken time consuming and costly onsite security audits.

Benefit 5 - It Provides Market Differentiation

The achievement of ISO27001 will differentiate two competing organisations in the market place, therefore giving a competitive advantage. Having ISO 27001 certification is an increasing requirement to do business in many different verticals, especially when processing any type of personal or sensitive data. If you are not looking at IS027001 certification your competitors almost certainly are.

BONUS Benefit 6 - Legal and Regulatory Compliance ...

ISO27001 supports compliance with relevant laws such as the Data Protection Act 2018 and European Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and software copyright legislation. This in turn reduces the risk of facing persecution and fines.

An organisational liability in security incidents may be reduced if they are certified ISO27001 compliant. Under the Data Protection Act 2018, organisations are obliged to have an institutional framework designed to ensure the security of all personal data. As the key current international benchmark for information security management is ISO27001, courts are increasing recognising that compliance with the standard is evidence of adequate security.

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