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Information Security Culture

Developing and sustaining an effective information security culture is an essential component of a CISO programme and helps mitigate against a range of threats that could cause physical, reputational or financial damage to organisations. 

Information security culture refers to the set of values, shared by everyone in an organisation, that determine how people are expected to think about and approach security. Getting the information security culture right will help develop a security conscious workforce, and promote the desired security behaviours you want from staff.

The benefits of an effective information security culture include;

  • A workforce that are more likely to be engaged with, and take responsibility for, information security issues

  • Increased compliance with information security measures

  • Reduced risk of insider incidents

  • Awareness of the most relevant information security threats

  • Employees are more likely to think and act in an information security conscious manner

Many organisations want to embed an effective information security culture where security is a collective responsibility shared by everyone in an organisation. CISO365 help organisations to assess their information security culture, and direct and shape their own information security culture initiatives. Understanding what your current information security culture is like, and how you would like it to be in the future is an important step towards shaping a culture that is fit for purpose.

Your results, information security training and awareness activities are in place within your organisation that effectively change behaviours. Information security is brought to life for the business.

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